Well hello there!

Thanks for stopping by my little space on the internets. Come on in and sit a spell.

My name is Rhonda and I’m a photographer living in Atlanta, Georgia’s own little Mayberry-esque suburb of Marietta. My blog is a mixture of personal and professional (although I try my best to keep things light and ‘casual Friday’ professional as opposed to stiff collared ‘Monday morning board meeting’ professional). That means that here you’ll see a mixture of my photography from my family lifestyle photography business, Pumpkin Pie Photography, as well as my personal photography, random stories and thoughts, attempts at home renovation, favorite things and anything else that strikes my fancy. Hopefully, a variable cornucopia of reading and viewing pleasure. A fair warning though: I can be random, slightly sarcastic and a little wordy. Please don’t hold it against me; I’m told it’s one of my charms.

I have a wonderful little life and am blessed with an amazing husband, marvelous family and friends, a pudgy and fiesty cat, and quirky home we’re attempting to make lovely. I’m messy, meticulous, observant, and hopeful, among other things. I love all things vintage and old, good and strong coffee, outdoor fireplaces, authentic conversation, Craigslist, thunderous thunderstorms, complex dark beer, 180 gram vinyl, cheesy 80’s movies, roadtrips, and historic houses, but this is not an inclusive list.

And because I think its some sort of unwritten rule that an ‘about’ page on a blog must include a picture of the author, here is one of me and a glass of sangria taken at a charming little cafe in New York City.