Seriously.  In our house I really think our coffee maker has a conspiracy against me. 

Stephen and I love coffee.  I think I love it more.  When we got married three years ago we decided to register for a really nice coffee maker since its pretty much the only time in your live that you get to specifically tell people exactly what you want and nobody thinks you are weird asking for random expensive gifts (like a $100+ coffee maker).  We got the fancy coffee machine that you can program to automatically turn on, that grinds the beans right before it brews the coffee, keeps it warm for hours, etc.  It has served us well.

Except, it seems to prefer Stephen.  During the work week, Stephen almost always acts as the coffee maker.  He sometimes sets it the night before, and sometimes makes it in the morning before work.  I enjoy it because when I get up and start getting ready there is a fresh pot of coffee goodness waiting for me.  It typically is the best part of waking up, even if its not Folgers in our cups. 

However, there have been a few times when I have tried to assume coffee making duty, and more times than not, something goes wrong.  Now, I consider myself a pretty smart girl.  I know my way around the kitchen.  I frequently use small appliances in my cooking.  Therefore, there should be absolutely no reason why I should not be able to handle the coffee maker.   

Even though its slightly fancy, its not complicated.  I know what to do.  I’ve watched Stephen do it many times.  I frequently unload and clean the coffeemaker so I know what goes where.  I painstakingly follow all the steps, double checking myself.  Water?  Check.  Correct number of scoops of beans in grinder thingy?  Check.  Filter?  Check.  Carafe in place?  Check.  However, somewhere between me pushing the ‘on’ button and the time it should take to brew a delicious cup of Pumpkin Spice or Verona, something inevitably goes wrong.

The first time it happened, I’ll admit I forgot to put the filter in.  That resulted in a mess of chunky dark coffee and Stephen being slightly frustrated.  However, I’m much like Anne Shirley and I never make the same mistake twice, and therefore I’m now overtly aware and careful to make sure the filter is in place before I attempt the coffee making process. 

The second time the filter holder popped open during the grinding.  Therefore the freshly ground coffee was flung around all over the counter and inside the coffee maker causing a mess and Stephen to think there is something wrong with me. 

The third and fourth times I’m not sure what happened, but it was enough for me to really think it these weren’t just fluke occurrences and/or our coffee maker had something against me. 

This morning it happened again.  We’ve been doing major work on our house and my dad was coming over to help.  He’s partial to good coffee, and I wanted to make sure we had some waiting for him.  Stephen had to go to work and said he wasn’t going to make it.  I was a little hesitant, but determined to make it work.  I was slow and deliberate about setting everything up, double and triple checking.  I cautiously hit the ‘on’ button and heard the grinder turn on.  I stood there for a while to make sure the filter holder didn’t pop open like previous times.  The grinder stopped, and the percolating started.  I sighed, thinking I was in the clear.  I heard someone drive up and walked no more than five paces into the dining room to look out the window.  I came back no more than ten seconds later to a steaming, sizzling mess.  The filter holder I was so carefully watching had popped open, there was coffee grounds all over the counter, the carafe and the coffee maker. 

I stared in disbelief.  How could this happen when I did everything right?!  Stephen came upstairs a few seconds later and also couldn’t understand it.  In the past he thinks I’ve been exaggerating when I’ve said I’m unable to properly use the coffee maker, but this time I think he believed me.  I started cleaning everything out and setting it up again, this time having Stephen supervise.  After he double checked everything and it was up to his standards, I timidly pushed ‘on.’  This time it worked, but I think its due to the fact that the coffee maker’s preferred barista was supervising. 

I’m not sure what to think.  I’ve never before thought that an appliance could have something against me, but this has happened too many times for it to be a coincidence.  All I can say is I’m grateful for the espresso maker we received for Christmas.  I’ve used it at least five times with no problems.  

Maybe I’ll just switch to lattes.