Yesterday had to be the most perfect fall day. 

One of those days where the difference between being warm and comfortable and cool and a little chilly depends on if you’re standing in the shade or the sun.  The leaves have started to change and the air just has feeling.  That amazing indescribable fall feeling that makes me giddy

We had a great weekend up in South Carolina for the Tech vs. Clemson game.  We (along with 7 of our friends) stayed at our good friends Tyler & Paige’s house and had so much fun talking, eating, watching football and laughing.  I have to agree with Paige, it was the best slumber party I’ve been to in about 12 years. 🙂

After making the drive home, Stephen and I stopped at an antique store where I found an awesome chair with awesomely bad upholstery for $29.  I think it will be perfect for the living room (once recovered of course).  I love finding deals like that.

Once we were home we decided to take a walk because the weather was too perfect to not be outside.  After walking around the neighborhood we decided we should work on the back of the house.  Stephen mowed our deceptively large backyard for the first time and I set to work organizing our breakfast nook/screened-in porch since it had become a catch-all of random things (including spiders) since we moved in, and getting our deck in order. 

After working diligently until the sun went down and we went inside we realized our house was cold.  We had been working so hard we hadn’t really noticed how much the temperature had fallen.  Therefore we did what we had to do to officially make the passage from summer to fall: we turned our heat on.

I LOVE the smell you get from turning the heat on for the first time.  That warm, chemical-y, comforting smell.  To me its like the ‘point of no return:’ the seasons have finally changed and we can pack away our summer clothes and look ahead towards the holidays.

All I need now is a couple of pumpkins.  And a sign like Linus’s:


Yea for fall!!