So over the weekend my “internet friend” Karen (from a message board I frequent) tagged me.  I’ve never been tagged before so I felt very honored.  🙂  I’m supposed to write six random things about myself that others might not know. 

I’m not sure who these ‘others’ are since I’m pretty sure that not many people read my blog.  In fact, according to the ‘stats’ of my blog, the majority of my hits result from people searching for random things on Google, the most popular being “McDonalds french fries.”  And since I compared “McDonalds french fries” to the Atlanta Olympic torch in this post, my blog comes up. 

(Did you see what I did there?  I put “McDonalds french fries” in quotes twice.  Well now three times.  That’s my weak attempt to get more traffic to my blog.  I can only imagine the disappointment those Googlers must feel when they land here.  Sorry Googlers.  You’re probably looking for this site.) 


So here goes:

1.  Growing up my sisters and I would always wear home-made Halloween costumes.  No store bought trendy costumes with the sad plastic masks at our house.  Most of them were really good.  In fact, when I was in first grade I won the ‘most creative’ costume contest at my church’s “alternative Halloween” fall festival.  What was I you ask?  Laundry.  That’s right laundry, and it was actually my idea. 

I’m not sure where I got the idea from, I just remember telling my mom that that’s what I wanted to be.  So what we did is cut the bottom out of a round laundry basket and attached clothesline suspenders so it kind of hung around me like a big hoop skirt.  Then we hung little boxes of Tide and Gain and whatever other kind of laundry detergent was popular in 1987 off the basket along with random pieces of clothing like socks.  In my hair we attached dryer sheets with clothes pins.  And that was my costume.  Possibly the most bizarre, yet most creative Halloween costume ever devised by a first grader’s imagination.  I remember I won a Nerf ping pong set.

I know I have a picture of my costume somewhere, I’ll have to find it.     


2.  I have no surface feeling on the outside of my left leg.  I was born with hip dysplasia (yes, the same thing that a lot of dogs get) and had to have surgery when I was eleven.  After the surgery I noticed that I couldn’t feel that side of my leg and the doctor told me they probably just stretched out a nerve and feeling should come back in about six weeks.  Well it’s been about fifteen years so I’m not holding my breath for it to come back any time soon.


3.  I never missed a day of school for being sick until high school.  In fact, the first time I ever missed a day of school was in third grade, the Friday before spring break and that was only because we were driving to Texas and my dad wanted to get a head start.  I was out for like 2 months after I had my surgery, but I wasn’t really ‘sick.’   It used to frustrate me that I was so healthy and never got to stay home from school!


4.  I do not have a passport, and therefore I’ve never been anywhere that required a passport.  This makes me sad. 


5.  I put peanut butter on my waffles and pancakes.  With syrup.  Growing up my mom would make waffles every Saturday morning and this was just the way we ate them in our house.  I will not eat pancakes or waffles without peanut butter (and therefore I almost never order them in restaurants…you’d be surprised how many places do not have it).  For some odd reason, this practice disgusts my husband and we’ve even mentioned the battle we will have trying to convert our futuristic kids to ‘our’ side of the proper way to eat waffles and pancakes.  (I will win by the way.)


6.  I middle school I was obsessed with The Beatles.  Seriously.  It was right around the time The Beatles Anthology came out and that only fueled my obsession.  I wrote my research paper on them in 8th grade; it was like forty pages long (I think it only had to be ten).  To this day I still know waaaay more about The Beatles than anyone my age should.  Or anyone any age should.  I’m not obsessed anymore, but they still hold a special place in my heart. 

(I’m just kind of grateful my obsession was about the greatest band in history and not Jonathon Taylor Thomas or the Backstreet Boys like many other middle school girls at that time.)


So there you have it.  Random things about my random life.  Sorry Googlers, not much here about “McDonalds french fries” (that’s #4). 

Maybe next time.