A couple of weeks ago I went to take pictures of Josh and Meredith’s new little boy Heath who was only three weeks old.  He’s so cute and such a little guy!  I think at three weeks he was just under 7 pounds. 

Heath was a good model and pretty alert the whole time.  Well, except for this first picture.

Heath Ward_8.08_003

Heath Ward-BW-003

So peaceful.

Heath Ward_8.08_011

Heath Ward-BW-004

Heath Ward_8.08_020

Heath Ward-BW-008

Heath Ward-BW-012 

Heath Ward_8.08_027

I love black & white pictures of babies!

Heath Ward-BW-013

Heath Ward-BW-015

How could you not love this face?

Heath Ward_8.08_032

Heath Ward_8.08_033

Heath Ward-BW-018

Heath Ward_8.08_037

Heath Ward-BW-021

Such a beautiful family.

Heath Ward_8.08_046

Heath Ward_8.08_054

Heath Ward-BW-030

I love these two of Meredith.

Heath Ward-BW-034

Heath Ward-BW-038

We even got the dogs involved in the photo shoot.  I was so impressed they all sat and looked at the camera!

Heath Ward_8.08_064

The one on the right (Mister) even gave me a smile!

Heath Ward-BW-033

I had a lot of fun taking pictures with little Heath.  With babies this young you never know what to expect.