This isn’t meant to be a political post. 

Typically I really dislike discussing politics because people get so worked up, nobody ever changes their minds and there is typically a lot of misinformation being thrown around (“Obama is a crazy Muslim who won’t salute the flag”,  “McCain isn’t qualified because he can’t use a computer or text message”-I actually read that almost exact quote on a website). 

This election I’ve gotten more disinterested by the sensationalism of the media (Is it really important who designs Sarah Palin’s glasses?)  and I’m pretty much ready for the whole thing to be over, regardless of how it ends up.  I know the outcome I’m hoping for, well more like the outcome I’m reluctantly voting for in hopes that the other outcome won’t happen, but I’m not really energized about it.  

One thing I do believe wholeheartedly is that the government will always find a way to make even the simplest things complicated and illogical.  Case in point: The DMV

Is there anyone who enjoys going to the DMV?  Anyone who find their operation (or the post office, or the social security office) efficient and effective?  I think not. 

Stephen and I moved to our new house about three weeks ago.  When you move you then get the joy of forwarding your mail (which we had to call them three times to try to get it straightened out–for some reason our forwarding stickers weren’t being put on and the people who moved into our old house had to keep dropping off our mail.  Mind you it’s only two streets over, but in a way that makes it worse because I’m pretty sure we have the same mail carrier and they couldn’t figure it out), and changing your address in a whole bunch of places. 

All of the address changes to credit cards, magazine subscriptions and bills have been easy.  Piece of cake.  Some take a quick phone call but most take two minutes to do online. 

Then there is the drivers license.  

I’ve been forgetting to do it until I have to show my ID for something.  I was reminded last night when I ordered a fabulous mango margarita at dinner and made a mental note to change my address online at work tomorrow.  So I Google the Georgia DMV’s website and search for change of address.  In Georgia everyone is entitled to receive one free address change on your license per renewal cycle.  Since we moved two years ago I knew this one wouldn’t be free, but that’s fine.  Only when I plugged in my license number and social security number I got this screen:


If you can’t read that paragraph in red it says:

Address change denied. You have already received one free replacement license during this renewal cycle. Only one free replacement per renewal cycle is allowed. You must renew your license at a Customer Service Center to change your address.

Are you kidding me?!  I understand I only get one freebie but because I’ve already used it I now have to take time off work to drive to the DMV, wait in a long line, deal with inept people who most likely hate their jobs all to do something that I should be able to do online?  Something that the DMV has the capability to do online?  Something that every other company has setup to do online?  I do not understand this; it makes no sense. 

I’m not that internet savvy, but even I was able to setup a Paypal account for my work so we could take credit cards on our website for an event that we do.  You’d think they’d want to cut out as much foot traffic coming into the DMV as possible by letting people do simple things LIKE CHANGE THEIR ADDRESS online.  You’d think whoever came up with the online system for the free licenses would think “hey, we should set this up for the non-free ones as well.  That would make sense and people would like it.” 

But that’s the government for you.  A vision of logic and efficiency. 

Just imagine if they get control of our healthcare.