As of this morning we officially have a contract on our house!  I’m excited (because I know its pretty amazing to get a decent offer in this housing market), but also a little sad (because I really like my house and are somewhat not ready to leave).  Our little house now is so pretty and decorated and finished and I know that when we move all our upcoming weekends are going to somewhat be monopolized with painting, fixing, trips to Home Depot and living in a mess of a house for a while. 

BUT, its a great house, or at least has the potential to be a really great house, and hopefully our ‘forever’ house.  It’s just going to be a long process.  We knew that going in, and we figured now is the time to do it before any kids come along.

So here is a picture of the Dixon’s soon to be (as long as nothing falls through–fingers crossed) home:


No, we’re not planning on keeping it Smurf blue, but that’s way far down on the priority list.

I plan on blogging all about our house renovation projects on a separate blog: there’s nothing there yet, but I plan to put a bunch of ‘before’ pictures up soon. 

Then you’ll see just how crazy we are.