The blogging party that is.  But I seem to be late to most things so that can only be expected of me, right?  I came to the conclusion that I should start a blog because of the following reasons:

a. All the cool kids are doing it.

b: I like to read blogs.

c: I occasionally find pleasure in writing things.

d: I’ve always wished I was one of those people who would spend hours journaling everyday. 

You know, those people who go through multiple fancy, overpriced journals you find at Barnes & Noble every month and essentially have their entire life story written down.  (Much like the kids on Saved By the Bell who apparently taped their entire high school experience).  These people have their journals to look back at years later, reminisce and say “ah, those were the days,” which I think would be pretty cool.  I’ve even bought myself a couple of fancy journals (and cool pens) to try to make myself become one of those people, but I’m just not.  I get bored or distracted or frustrated that my brain is thinking faster than my hand can write.  In those instances I typically give up and go watch TV or play on the internet.  Which got me thinking, ‘hey this way I can be both journaling AND playing on the internet.’ Plus my typing-to-brain speed is at a much higher ratio than my writing-to-brain speed.  Also, I like to take pictures and this way I can share my pictures with my journaling which is pretty cool. 

So therefore in my life long quest to become more and more like the students at Bayside High (and the true journalers who frequent Barnes & Noble) I have created this blog.  I have no idea how often I’ll do this or what it will be about, so it’s a work in progress.  Who knows, I might even get bored, call it quits and go watch Food Network or something.  I make no promises.